Imperio LED Railings


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Product Description

Imperio Led Series is used in Aluminium Glass Railing system for modern balconies and terraces. This latest railing design provides an urbane and sophisticated look to the structure. This system is suitable for all applications ranging from terraces to balconies and from High rises to villas. Our systems are designed as do it yourself railing systems and they can be comfortably installed by various contractors. The features of this system are not limited to Corrosion resistance and light-weight. They also extend to east to maintain and attractive designs.

Adding a led in handrail can enhance its beauty as well as utility with various options from sleek handrail to round and square handrails. One can always create a mix and match with Imperio Stainless Steel & Aluminum Handrail Options. We recommend Laminated Heat Strengthened Glass Railing however the system is suitable for all glass thicknesses from 12mm Toughened Glass Railing to 19mm Toughened Clear Glass Fence and from 13.52mm Laminated Toughened to 17.52mm Laminated Heat Strengthened.

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