Imperio C-40

C Series

Imperio C40 Series Frameless glass railing
  • Height 90mm
  • Width 60mm
  • Finish Standard, Custom & Wood
  • Floor Mounted Yes
  • Side Mounted No
  • In Floor No
  • Without Handrail No
  • Minimum Glass Thickness 10mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness 14.89mm
  • Maximum Glass Height 1200mm
  • Corrosion Resistance Yes
  • Heavy Duty No
  • Material Aluminum
  • Terraces
  • High Rise Balconies
  • Public Places
  • High Wind Pressure Areas
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Product Description

Imperio C Series is designed for light applications where load safety requirements are not very stringent. Handrail is mandatory in this system. However Sleek Handrail is not allowed. C Type Aluminum Railing System is minimal in design and economical in pricing. It has elegant look and frameless view. The limitations to this system are C Type or L Type Balconies, Terraces etc. There is equal amount of strength rendered to the railing from the handrail as much as from the base railing shoe. Modern balconies that have straight windows are ideal for this type of Glass Railing. These systems can also be used with Stainless Steel Slot Handrail Tubes which sit directly on top of the railing.

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