Imperio S-50

S Series

  • Finish Standard
  • Floor Mounted Yes
  • Without Handrail Yes
  • Minimum Glass Thickness 12mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness 19mm
  • Maximum Glass Height 1200mm
  • Corrosion Resistance Yes
  • Heavy Duty Yes
  • Terraces
  • High Rise Balconies
  • Public places
  • High Wind Pressure areas
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Product Description

Imperio S Series features semi frameless glass railing system. There are 4 types of post suitable namely Corner Post, Middle Post, End Post and Wall Post. Once the posts are installed, the glass is to be slid. It is the easiest system to install. This Do it yourself can be installed by any contractor. The maximum height of the post is 1200mm. The maximum distance between 2 posts is 1200mm. This system is available in various finishes.

Imperio S Series is ideal system for Decks, Swimming Pool, Terraces, Balconies etc. Handrail is optional in this systems with most client opting for no handrail. There is a psychological security having posts in between which is preferred by many clients. The glass used is 10mm or 12mm toughened glass railing. This topless railing is corrosion resistant and can used for sea view railings as close proximity to sea will not affect the railing.

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